The trend worldwide is clear – showers are going  curbless! Curbless showers are more attractive, as there is no break in the design between the shower and the rest of the bathroom. Critically, curbs also limit the accessibility of a shower. While ADA rules allow for a slight lip at the entry to the shower, QuickDrain linear drains allow you to create a true zero entry shower for no compromise in accessibility.

A linear drain from QuickDrain USA is the obvious choice for your next accessible shower project. The single plane slope created in a linear drain shower pan affords users greater stability. The multi-way slope in a traditional round drain shower makes it very difficult to steady a wheelchair and can be hazardous to those with stability issues. With QuickDrain USA linear drain systems, the drain can be installed on a flat floor – concrete or wood – and the full width of the shower entry can be used. Achieving a true zero entry shower is easiest with QuickDrain!

Showerline Catalog for ADA Showers

Instructional video with information on installing our ShowerLine drain system in a curbless configuration with the use of our sheet waterproofing and shower pan sloping kits.

ShowerLine Installation Guide – ADA Installation Sheet Waterproofing with Foam Panels


New ProLine instructional video forthcoming…

ProLine Installation Guide – ADA Liquid Waterproofing with Slope Panels