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More than a linear drain.



Stunning luxury that takes showering to a whole new level

Barrier Free Bathroom

Curbless Showers

When QuickDrain is installed with a curbless entrance, it creates an easy, seamless transition from dry to wet areas in the bathroom.

Universal Design & ADA Compliance
The roll-in shower is a hallmark of universal design, making the shower easily accessible to all ages and abilities in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. It also provides a clean and expansive look, from traditional to modern aesthetics.

Improved Hygiene
A curbless QuickDrain shower can be designed with larger format tiles, reducing the number of grout joints and seams where mold, mildew and grime can take hold.

Flooring Options
There are nearly limitless design options, as QuickDrain makes it possible to use nearly any imaginable finish or flooring material.

Curbed Showers

With QuickDrain, there’s no need to move plumbing or adjust the shower pan. QuickDrain can adapt to almost any existing plumbing condition.

Showers without an ADA Requirement
When wheelchair accessibility is not necessary, QuickDrain installations with a curbed shower can give a bathroom a sense of separation from the rest of the room and help visually frame the shower area.

Flexible Orientation
QuickDrain can be placed in any orientation in the shower, just as long as it runs from wall to wall to effectively promote water drainage


Design Matters

Design is an integral part of the QuickDrain Experience.  Elegance and performance working together in tandem, a seamless blend of style and engineering.

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