A linear drain shower with a curb can be a great option for those installations where wheelchair accessibility is not a necessity. There may also be limitations preventing the relocation of plumbing in the shower or the recessing of the shower pan that preclude a zero entry design. In such cases, installing the linear drain with a curb presents the most practical and attractive solution. Many commercial and residential tub-to-shower conversion projects have employed a curbed installation with fantastic-looking results. Take a look at our residential and hospitality galleries for some inspiration for your curbed shower project!

One great benefit of a curbed installation is that the drain can be placed in any orientation in the shower, just as long as it runs from vertical surface to vertical surface to avoid any standing water in the pan. Typically, the drain will be placed perpendicular to the curb – this is the easiest option with a tub-to-shower conversion. As with curbless installations, more design options open up as it is still possible to use nearly any imaginable finish flooring material.

Installation Videos

New ProLine Standard Tub to Shower Conversion video coming soon…

ShowerLine Standard Tub to Shower Conversion

Learn how to install the QuickDrain ShowerLine linear shower drain with sheet waterproofing in this short video. The ShowerLine system boasts 100% recycled shower pan material for creating the shower pan slope.

Installation Guides

ShowerLine Installation Guide – Vertical Outlet Drain Liquid Waterproofing with Concrete Slope

Installation Details

ProLine Above Floor at Side Wall with Mortar Bed

ProLine Above Floor at Side Wall

ProLine Above Floor Away from Wall

ProLine Above Floor at Wall