Our ProLine resinous drain body is the standard for both sheet and resinous flooring types. The standard cover style for our resinous drains is Cosmo. The finished length of the drain bodies with the cover is ½” longer than the drain body length (e.g., 26.5” finished length for a 26” drain body).

As with our other ProLine series drains, our ProLine resinous drain system can be customized by length or waste outlet to fit your particular installation. The resinous drain body can be made in any length from 10” to 100” and can be outfitted with virtually any waste outlet location or additional waste outlets for situations where there may be increased water flow. The resinous drain body comes standard with a 2″ I.D. schedule 10 steel down spout waste outlet, but the waste outlet can also be customized with male or female NPT (national pipe thread) for installations where no-hub connections may not be code allowable; extra length (3” to 14” below the trough) for commercial installations; or side waste outlet (90° or horizontal waste outlet).