Afford your guests the luxury baths they covet with QuickDrain custom shower drains. Our shower drain and conversion kits make bathtub to shower conversion and replacement fast, easy, efficient and with incredibly beautiful results.

Upscale Baths

In many upscale hotels, more and more guests are treated to QuickDrain linear shower drains, which, with their integrated look and clean lines, become the focal point of a well-designed hotel bath. Go to any hotel rating site, and you will see just how important a bathroom’s appearance is to discerning travelers. Bathrooms with sleek, elegant lines are often featured photographs in hotels’ photo galleries.

What makes a QuickDrain system such an important addition to contemporary bathrooms? Visual appeal is one factor. With QuickDrain zero entry shower products, there are no breaks in floor level throughout the room. Not only does this impart continuity unattainable with traditional shower pans and shower drains, it also means there are far fewer corners where unsightly dirt and residue may accumulate.

QuickDrain shower channel covers are available in a variety of patterns to accent the overall design scheme of any bath. For those looking for a more cohesive look we also have a TileIn cover allowing for insertion of the building medium used in making the shower into the cover frame.

Manageable Maintenance

A common cleaning issue for any hotel shower is dirt that becomes wedged into corners, including the vertical corners formed by conventional shower bases, which often are three or more inches higher than the floor. With trench drains for showers, cleaning and maintenance becomes easier. With fewer areas prone to dirt accumulation, cleaning the floor and shower areas is faster and more thorough.

Even those parts of a QuickDrain shower not visible to guests’ eyes make important contributions to better maintenance and higher sanitation. All QuickDrain linear drains incorporate an internal pitch which prevents water accumulation inside the trough, stemming mold growth and odors.

Make the Switch to Zero Entry Shower Designs

If you own or manage a hotel or other hospitality establishment, one way to encourage your guests to make return visits is by providing constant improvements and updates. QuickDrain tub replacement shower kits make it possible for you to update your bathrooms with easy to install elegant linear drains for showers. QuickDrain linear drains not only give your guest baths a totally new look, they can also be incorporated into handicap showers.

If you are involved in the design and construction of a new hotel, or are looking to refurbish an established one, QuickDrain will provide you with all you need, products and know-how, to make your project a success.