Create attractive bathing facilities accessible by all with QuickDrain trough shower drains. Our engineering earned us the prestigious Nightingale Award for healthcare design and our ADA-compliant shower drains have been revolutionizing the industry for years.

Healthcare facilities, including nursing homes and hospitals, are required to follow universal design concepts in bathrooms to ensure the safety and comfort of those in their care. A QuickDrain zero entry shower with a linear drain addresses both concerns.

Barrier Free BathroomThe Clear Choice for Accessible Design

QuickDrain’s linear drains allow for easy design of functional ADA compliant showers. There are specific ways to install QuickDrain linear drains for showers so that they are appropriate for wheelchair accessibility. For this type of installation, QuickDrain should be positioned parallel to the entry to the shower area so that the shower floor has just one flat surface, providing a stable and consistent flooring surface for wheelchairs.

Because of the sleek profile of our drains, wheelchairs can easily enter and exit the shower area without negotiating any ledges, while the floor of the rest of the bathroom remains dry, reducing slipping hazards. Additionally, every ProLine series drain is manufactured with high quality stainless steel, meeting most ADA specifications.

Maintain a More Sanitary Environment Parkland Hospital ADA Installation Curbless at Entry 2

In addition to accessibility concerns, there are ever-increasing worries about germs and hospital-acquired infections. Healthcare facilities need to consider ways to facilitate better cleaning and sanitation of bathing areas. A ProLine linear drain installed for accessibility eliminates the barrier between the shower and bathroom floor. This permits and encourages better cleaning of bathroom surfaces, preventing mold growth and other germs. Conventional center drains harbor mold and germ-ridden debris, which can threaten patients’ well-being.

ProLine drains also feature a drain cover designed to evacuate water efficiently and smoothly. Beneath, the drain trough slopes completely to the waste outlet, further facilitating water drainage. Many linear drains miss this detail, making ProLine drains by QuickDrain the superior choice for your project.

Easy and Efficient Installation

With QuickDrain linear shower drains, installation is simpler and faster than most traditional center drains. Less time means less money for installation costs, all for a superior product backed up by a knowledgeable and helpful technical support team.