The concept of a linear drain is as old as Ancient Rome. The only efficient way to drain a wet area with no design compromise is to slope one plane to one line! Efficiency and flexibility of design are timeless benefits, no doubt. However, the linear drain also solves issues that are of particular significance to the modern homeowner or project manager. Because a linear drain requires just one sloped surface, installation becomes much quicker and easier.

Linear Drain Shower Stream 3While the Romans introduced the concept millennia ago, QuickDrain USA has perfected it, bringing the linear drain into the 21st century using modern fabrication techniques and materials. With our stainless steel and PVC drains and adjustable height spacers, we have taken this time-tested concept to a new level of quality, efficiency and ease. A QuickDrain linear drain system can be fully installed and ready to use in the space of just a few hours. Since there is no longer need to create a custom slope from every direction to one point, as with a traditional center drain, labor costs and margin of error are greatly reduced. Eliminating the compound slope in the shower pan also opens up new opportunities for design, allowing users to create an uninterrupted flow from bathroom to shower with beautiful large format tile and solid surface materials. All this, without the drawbacks of leakage or bacteria-accruing standing water. The only way to achieve a true zero entry shower wet room is with a linear drain system. The best way to achieve this design is with linear drains by QuickDrain USA!