Accessible Linear Drain Shower Glass Door

The concept of the linear drain system centers on the idea of creating a one-way slope to a single line which extends completely between two vertical surfaces. It is critical that wherever the linear drain is placed in the shower pan, it must extend completely between two vertical surfaces to avoid standing water “dead spots”.

It is important to note that there are two basic categories of linear drain available on the market today. One makes achieving the look of a linear drain possible with a decorative cover, yet still retains the old two-part clamping ring drain system beneath. This adds additional labor to installation and is not as efficient. The second category of linear drain – to which the QuickDrain system belongs – is a true drain in that it includes a drain body beneath with a waste outlet that connects directly with the plumbing.


Sure Flow

Sure Flow SystemTM

The QuickDrain system does not just look like a linear drain – it is a linear drain. With our Sure Flow SystemTM, not only can you count on a beautiful shower design, you can count on its being easier to install and functioning more efficiently for years to come! The one-way slope in the shower pan, combined with a 100% sloping linear drain trough allows for the most complete drainage of any linear drain available. Once standing water dries in a drain trough, it leaves deposits which make the drain nearly impossible to clean. The QuickDrain system eliminates standing water and resulting mold and bacteria. A one-way slope in the shower pan provides a stable surface for wheelchairs and prevents slippage. Clean design, clean shower.