ProLine Stainless Steel Linear Shower Drains

The ProLine linear drain system offers a cost-effective, efficient means of achieving a great-looking Universal Design accessible shower. Here are some key advantages to choosing ProLine for your next linear drain project:

Installation flexibility - ProLine allows for the design and construction of accessible showers that will not have to be recessed into the floor but simply raised above it, resulting in a great looking accessible shower without the expense.

Site adjustability - Our unique cover and spacer system allows for the height of the cover to be adjustable, even after installation.

Vertical to vertical installation - ProLine is designed to run completely from vertical surface to vertical surface, preventing any standing water in the shower.

Fully sloped drain trough - The ProLine linear drain body features a fully sloped trough, ensuring the most efficient and complete drainage available on the market.

In order to fully utilize all the advantages of ProLine by QuickDrain USA, please follow the recommendations and installation manual.

ProLine Brochure

ProLine Plumber's Guide