Shower Drain Products

QuickDrain products raise showers to new levels through beauty and design. Simple installation, unparalleled customer support, and excellent quality set QuickDrain products apart.

Attractive Designs

QuickDrain linear drain products embody the ultimate combination of form and function. With QuickDrain, you can create a zero entry shower installation that incorporates beauty, practicality and performance. QuickDrain products are also compatible with shower designs for ADA compliance. Our elegant drain designs provide sophistication at an unexpected level – both eye-catching and practical.

We offer a range of products for discerning designers, contractors and do-it-yourself homeowners. QuickDrain products are engineered for efficient installation, with results that bring together attractiveness and functionality in a fully-integrated linear shower drain system. QuickDrain carries all the items you need to replace dated center positioned shower drains, and to achieve a sophisticated, clean look in new installations.

Outstanding Quality and Function

QuickDrain produces a wide spectrum of linear drain products, from those specific to shower drains to all the accessories related to shower pans. There is no need to cut corners or improvise due to a lack of parts. We have all you need for a quality linear shower drain that will retain its beauty and functionality for years to come.

There are four major groups of QuickDrain components:

We also offer custom drain solutions for even the most challenging renovation projects. Our skilled technical support staff is available to answer any of your questions.

It takes less than a day to completely install QuickDrain systems, and the result is a highly attractive and better functioning shower drain. QuickDrain’s easy installation and innovative designs make it the perfect choice for your next project!