Linear Shower Drain FAQs

Q. What are “spacers”?

A. Spacers are devices that set the distance between the top of the drain body and the top of the decorative cover so that the cover rests flush with the top of your finished floor. They can be adjusted according to the thickness of your flooring material to ensure a perfect, custom fit!

Q. How do I determine which drain size I should order?

A. The size of the drain depends on the anticipated finished opening of the space where the drain is to be installed. The rough opening has to be at least 2” wider than the size of the drain being bought (e.g., if your RO is 48”, you would order a PLD46). We recommend that the drain body goes from wall to wall, to avoid having to create a compound slope in the floor.

Q. Which flooring materials can I use with your system?

A. The options are only limited by your imagination! Marble slabs, large format tile, concrete, even epoxy or urethane have been used successfully with our system.

Q. Where should I install the drain?

A. The drain can be installed anywhere in the shower pan if there is going to be a curb. We recommend you locate the drain where people are not going to stand on it, where it will require the least amount of work and be as much out of sight as possible. When a zero entry design is required, the drain must be placed parallel to the shower entry to ensure a truly accessible shower.

Q. How do I finish around the cover?

A. The cover must remain removable so there is no grout or caulk placed between the tile and the cover. The edge can be finished with Schluter tile edging or other tile edging.

Q. How do I save money with your product if it is more expensive than a traditional drain?

A. The money savings come from the huge amount of labor saved – the larger the shower, the greater the savings!

Q. What are the biggest advantages of your product?

A. The simple, beautiful aesthetic that can be achieved, applicability in accessible design, and ease and speed of installation all make QuickDrain an outstanding choice for your project!