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Shower conversions

Modern Hotel Bathroom Renovations

Shower conversion kits are in demand throughout the world as the renovation of bathrooms to accommodate shower areas is taking place. To make the process of replacing bathtubs with modern tile drain shower systems easy and elegant, Quick Drain USA proudly introduces the ProLine shower kit. This complete, ready to install kit makes bathtub to shower conversion and replacement fast, easy, efficient and with incredibly beautiful results.

ProLine Shower Conversion Kits are Superior Over any Other Drain Solution on the Market:

  • With the completed kit, a trained crew of 1 person can install a shower pan in one hour which is extremely efficient and virtually unheard of in the industry.
  • Quick Drain USA provides complete onsite technical training for the installation team free of charge.
  • The ProLine shower drain is 100% code compliant in all states.
  • Offering free technical training and installation support, the highest quality product, award winning design, unmatched customer service and code compliancy in all states - the ProLine drain solution from Quick Drain USA stands alone in the industry.
  • The ProLine drain from Quick Drain is the easiest to install, least expensive and requires the least maintenance of all tile drain solutions.

Attractive and Easy to Install Drain Systems

Made of quality stainless steel, the complete shower conversion kits are easy to install and are designed to be both visually attractive and highly efficient in draining water from the entire shower area. This top-of-the-line bathtub replacement kit makes it easy to install a a custom shower drain for any space. This includes rear drain showers, low profile shower or any other type of specialty shower conversion. The ProLine shower conversion kit allows you to design a custom shower base that drains water through any variety of outlets including side outlet shower drains or a back outlet with no penetration.

If you are representing a developer and you need quality materials that easily convert tub to showers within a hotel or similar establishment, the ease of installation of a ProLine shower drain system offers great advantages. Less time needed to install these means you can complete your job much faster – which is always an advantage for everyone.

The popularity of tub replacement shower projects today means there is higher demand for tub to shower conversion kits. Quick Drain USA provides contractors with the best solutions and support for these projects. Recognized with awards and industry accolades, each easy-to-install tub replacement shower drain is fully manufactured in the USA of only the highest quality materials and workmanship. Providing solutions for custom shower drains and particularly tough to convert tub to shower jobs are our specialty.

Recognized with Industry Awards

The ProLine system has earned the trust of the industry leaders in both health and architecture. The system won the Nightingale Award at Healthcare Design 2009 for its functionality, quality, style, environmental sustainability, and pricing. The famous Michael Graves of the DIY Network also gave his recommendation and accolades for the ProLine shower drain system.

These approvals mean that these components are not only great for shower conversion but also for building a shower room from the ground up. When installing low profile shower bases or a low profile shower tray our products are the perfect solution. Bathtub replacement shower pans and low profile shower trays are easily integrated to create a total shower drain kit solution. You will find that shower base construction for a tub to shower conversion in small, tight and otherwise inaccessible areas is greatly simplified with our shower drain system. ProLine's built-in height adjustments add the benefit of easily adjusting the drain height during installation of a tub to shower conversion.

The benefits of using these shower conversion kits from Quick Drain USA make it the best choice for contractors and even for DIY enthusiasts. The quick installation process makes it even more appealing for contractors looking at a massive or even a slightly large tub to shower conversion project. With our ProLine system's help, developers can complete any tub replacement shower project with ease allowing them get more jobs done in as little time as possible – translating to higher profits.

For any questions about our bathtub replacement shower pans and the whole ProLine system in general, do not hesitate to contact us today. Our sales representatives are always ready to answer your inquiry regarding the use of our products and other questions.