Made of 18 Gauge 316L Stainless Steel. Trough is internally pitched 1″ deep and 1″ wide. Total length with flanges is 48″. Fits rough opening from 48″ to 54″. Finished opening is from 46″ to 52″. At this length, the waste outlet will be centered on the drain body.

A complete drain assembly will include:

  • Drain Body (i.e., PLD46)
  • Cover. Sold separately. Six available styles: TileIn, Cosmo, Horizontal, Vertical, Lines and Stream.
  • Spacers (6). Adjustable spacers for flooring heights up to 7/8″ included, custom spacers for heights greater than 1″ sold separately.
  • 2″-2″ No-hub. Included.
  • EX4SS (2). Trough extensions, included.
  • Polyester Faced Butyl Tape, included.
  • Cover Removal Key (2), included.