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Linear shower design

Tile Shower Drains

For reliability, form, and function, the ProLine linear drain shower system stands above all other shower drain systems. Recommended by Michael Graves, one of The New York Five, the ProLine linear drain shower system is Quick Drain USA's latest and most luxurious offering. The true beauty of trench drains for showers lies in the fact that they are designed and manufactured to offer quality, luxury and an elegant design to any home.

With the help of our ProLine system, tile shower drains install easily and quickly, helping you to create wet room showers and beautiful tile shower designs. These modern bathrooms are now appearing in homes across the country. Linear tile shower drains install easily and take half the time it would take to install a traditional center drain system. Versatility, design and cost savings are just a few of the reasons why this tile drain shower system has become very popular for modern bath design.

Linear drains for showers are used to create fabulous no threshold shower designs. Made from high strength stainless steel, they can withstand even hard water coming out of your shower. All critical components of the ProLine system are factory sealed and waterproof to ensure that they stand the test of time and perform at the highest level possible.

When installing linear tile shower drains, the height can be adjusted to fit the unique needs of your project, making it easier for even novice DIY enthusiasts to install the system in their tile shower installation or wet room shower.

Another advantage of our trench drains for showers is that they are of universal design, meaning they can be used in an area that both able-bodied and handicapped persons can use with the same ease. If you have someone in your family who is bound to a wheelchair, the linear drain shower design creates barrier free showers for a bathroom making it easier to roll a wheelchair straight to the showers.

Whether you are still in the planning process for your new home and want a modern no threshold shower, or you are just doing a bathroom renovation to add wet room showers, you can enjoy the benefits a linear drain shower brings to the table. Worries of the processes involved with a tile shower drain install are minimized with the slot drains because they are so easy to use. Our product makes bathtub to shower conversion easier and more affordable than a traditional shower drain project.

Furthermore, the quick drain technology we developed in our trench drain shower system minimizes the growth of mold in your bathroom or shower area. This translates to lower health risks for you and your family or for anyone using your shower and helps in lowering unwanted smells and odors.

If you need more information about Quick Drain USA's ProLine system, do not hesitate to contact us today. We would be more than happy to answer all your questions about our system. From the types of shower drains for tile shower bases to the tile shower drain installation process we are here to guide you. When it comes to custom drains to fit your style, ProLine shower drains are unmatched.