Universal Design Showers for Healthcare Facilities

Barrier free shower design is essential to creating an accessible bathroom. Designing and maintaining a healthcare facility is not an easy task no matter how you look at it. For those in need of an easy to install universal design shower system, the award winning ProLine drain is the perfect solution. This low profile drain system allows for the design and building of barrier free and handicap showers with ease. The fast installation, unmatched customer support, and level of quality and manufacturing of the ProLine drain stands out from all other products on the market.

Hospitals and nursing homes are required to have a universal design to allow the facility to be used just as easily by disabled individuals as by able-bodied ones. Designing accessible bathrooms and showers is made easier with the ProLine shower drain system. Our drain systems allow you to eliminate the barriers and threshold of a shower, creating an ADA shower that is universal design approved.

A universal shower design replaces the old center drain with a modern linear drain system, eliminating the barrier of the shower area to the rest of the bathroom. This design has been perfected by Quick Drain USA, earning them the prestigious Nightingale Award for healthcare design.

The ProLine system is linear drain covered by a smooth outer panel with small drain holes. This fully sloped drain trough is a long, flat surface that allows the easy draining of water from the shower. This makes a wheelchair accessible shower possible with a barrier free entrance. Water from the shower no longer poses the risk of running all over the floor because it is caught in the drain. Accessible showers are integral in the design of a healthcare facility. Quick Drain USA is proud to make these available to healthcare facilities that are remodeling or renovating their handicap bathrooms.

Hospitals and nursing homes are in need barrier free showers due to the wide use of wheelchairs. When designing, building or remodeling a handicap shower, take full advantage of the award-winning ProLine system which uses quality stainless steel materials and stands up to specifications required by federal and local regulations to create an ADA shower.

Apart from the obvious advantages of the design of the ProLine design in creating handicap showers, the installation of the system is also easier than the traditional center drain system. For contractors and developers, this makes building a wheelchair accessible shower easier on the budget and takes less time – a very important consideration in building any facilities.

We at Quick Drain USA won the Nightingale Award at Healthcare Design 2009 for the ProLine line of showers. The low-profile system stands out in the design and building of handicap showers. Our products' quality and manufacturing stand out among the competition.

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